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Can't get a job

2010-03-22 19:54:26 by Darkdragon2525

Well I feel that I need to make a post, so what better than complaining about jobs. I am unemployed and of course with these tough times, jobs are scarce. I decided to put an application in at two local Game Stops, but those bastards haven't even given me a single interview. I am the perfect candidate for any job there, but no interview, no job. And what makes it worse is the fact that all of the people I know are getting jobs. It's like all of the jobs are going to the least qualified people, and I am in a corner being over looked. All I want is a fair chance at a job, and at least get an interview. Now I know some people are going to leave some kind of stupid message insulting me for my complaining, and if you are reading this and want to leave one of those comments, here is a simple FUCK YOU and a GO TO HELL. If you are not here to leave one of those comments, I am sorry you have to read that.


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2010-03-22 22:32:00

I feel yer pain. I'm looking for a job as well, and for the one I was recently shot down for, I've seen people working there that are less qualified and less physically able to perform said job.

Sometimes I wonder about employers.