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Why did you kill the dog.

A very good video. The drawings were excellent and the animation was smooth. The sound was completely in sync with the animation. The music added to the suspense of the video. For a moment there I thought this was going to be on the serious side, but I was completely blindsided by the furry joke at the end. You would have gotten a perfect score if it wasn't for the furrys killing King. Good movie in the end.

If only pokemon were this awesome.

I have to say this movie was awesome and I can't wait to see the sequel. The only problem that I saw was the screen was moving a little too fast and I had a slight problem keeping up. Now if only the people who make pokemon could see this and then maybe their franchise wouldn't be going down hill. Again a great movie.

Pretty good for a loop.

As I watched it the first time, I laughed a bit and I eve laughed the second time, but what interested me the most was the fact that when Tingle popped into this little jam, a fourth head started to rise. This head was purple, so I thought it was a fourth Link to join in on the wrap, but then the Green Link pushed it back down, so it makes me wonder if this leads to an Easter egg or something of the nature. Again good loop, I expect to see it on the first page for awhile.

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To some up this game in as few words as possible, I would have to say this game is a chore. The biggest problem for me was the fact that the screen size for the game was too large and this prevented me from seeing everything that I needed to see to beat a level properly. Then you had the item store that took away the feel that this was a puzzle game. If I needed a material I could just buy it from the store and take the cheap road out. The tutorial screen didn't really tell me how to play the game and the bacteria movement didn't add a challenge, it just added an annoyance. I could see potential in this game if it was just done properly.

A pretty good game but it does have some issues. The first issue that I noticed is that every time I went to the upgrade screen it would go and start playing the music while I had the music muted, which really isn't a real deal breaker but it did get annoying. What really made the game annoying was the fact that I could have a second or two to get out of the way of some obstetrical, but the game would go and register me as running into it causing. The last bug that might not be a bug are inaccessible coins that I couldn't get without the magnet power up or I would lose like a coin or tw that are over two objects in a column. Now that the bugs are out of the way lets move on to things that really should or shouldn't have been there. There should have been more of a tutorial screen to tell me what items did what and how to avoid certain objects, like the fact that the werewolf is invincible, but can't run into stalls. There should be a regular multiplier for chaining coins together or take out the little scale every time I pick up a string of coins, because it got kind of confusing to hear the scale and just see that my coins are going up at a normal rate and it got annoying afterwards to hear the scale after realizing it was meaningless. The posters should be taken out because they seem to be an ignore able target that is just used to get a few extra points. The last thing is to make whatever boss fight or enemies pop up a little sooner, because I found that I kept losing before I could reach whatever I was suppose to shoot at. Other than that it was a pretty good game that seems like it will have excellent sequels.

This was a very addictive game so addictive that I ended up playing till I destroyed every city, but addictive doesn't always mean good. The game had a pretty speedy start up. It was quick to earn enough money to purchase a good chunk of the cheap up-grades and all of the hero class zombies, but after that it took forever to earn the rest of the up-grades, not to mention keep my support items in a decent number of stock especially those canisters. Then there was the limited number of spaces for the hero zombies and the support items. There are four support items (five if you want to count the initial virus) along with eight (nine with new game+) hero zombies and you set the game up with eight hot key. I don't see why you couldn't have ten hot keys with the support items each having a spot and the hero zombies having a fifth spot. Then there is the disappointing new game+. After I beat mad the minimum requirements to beat the game I had one last city to destroy, why not go and fully destroy it then do the new game+, expecting to have all of the up-grades that I had unlocked and maybe the money I had earned, so I chugged along bought all the necessary support items and up-grades and finished off the game getting an saw the weird ending animation only to be shocked that the new game+ only let me keep the money I had left after beating the game. It was a complete and total let down seeing that I had lost everything just to have earned a new unlock able zombie. Don't call it a new game+ if your just going to give the player one stupid little thing that they have to use the meager amount of money they had left to unlock. I mean come on give me some kind of compensation if you are just going to lock up everything and force me to unlock everything again. I'm giving you three stars for an addictive game, but you would have gotten five if you wouldn't have jerked me around at the end.

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I love this song.


My favorit levels music remixed. Awsome.

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